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The skirt, a purely feminine product that allows you to easily change your look. Deeluxe offers a sophisticated collection of skirts, to be worn with a floral top or a short sleeved blouse. Long or short, choose the skirt you need!



34 € - 54 €
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Deeluxe skirts are an essential basic outfit for a fashionable summer and winter wardrobe.

The skirt is available in several cuts: short skater, paper bag or straight.
The elegance of your outfit is brought by a suede skirt, or a check pattern, but it is completed by the blouse or t-shirt that you will combine with the look.
You will find original models by their colour or shape, which will give character to your feminine wardrobe.

The Deeluxe skirt is a real trendy and elegant fashion asset for an everyday look.

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