Sweater MEN

The knitted pullover fits perfectly with all the clothes in our wardrobe. Choose your favourite pull-over to wear over a shirt or a polo shirt with chino trousers or a jeans. V-neck, round-neck or turtleneck, Deeluxe offers you a choice from its trendy pieces.




24 € - 60 €
44 products

A must-have in men's wardrobe, the large or small knit pull is worn in all seasons.
Simple in its use, the pullover comes in many variations: round or V-neck, shawl or turtleneck, patterned or plain...there are so many variations!

Opt for the classic round-neck jumper that can be worn on any occasion to complete your look, or opt for a finely woven knit jumper that will add character and style to your outfit.
Some will prefer our shawl neck pullovers which are a good compromise between originality and sobriety. Others will opt for flashier jumpers that will bring a touch of colour to your outfits.

Change your look easily with the selection of jumpers for men's and women's styles offered by Deeluxe.

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